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Rent A Ride

No better way to experiences our last countryside then going on pedals! Rent a bicycle, pick up one of our maps and head out on your own with our countryside tour map.


Guided Farm Tour

Named as a farm resort, we have 14 different farm kiosks with its own unique characteristics to explore! Most of our farmers embrace traditional farming methods and aims to keep true to their roots by not using any pesticides and chemically enhance fertilisers.

Mdm Kathy, our resident farmer, has been with us for the last decade will be taking you to visit her very own farm kiosk and expressing her years of experiences of farming homegrown vegetables during the farm tour. Also, remember to visit our herbs garden with Uncle Tan our very own herbalist.

It is an excellent opportunity for adults and children to have farm experience and learn from our resident farmer on the different types of vegetables and flower, having the chance to touch, smell and taste some of the homegrown vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and medicinal plants.

World of Bird's Nest Museum

World of Birdnest Museum, located at D' Kranji Farm Resort in the north-western region of Singapore, was founded in January 2017. We are a themed museum with information about bird's nest.

Bird's nest is one of the natural supplements in Chinese tradition. After centuries of cultural and ancestral inheritance, bird's nest has become a treasure of keeping the physical well-being generation after generation.

The mission of World of Birdnest Museum is to educate and pass on the history through professional records and collection. Further to that, presenting the essence of Chinese medicinal diet (known as Yao shan 药膳) to the whole world.


Green Finger Workshop

Do you have Green Fingers? Why don’t you take our Green Finger Workshop to find out! A hands-on activity in which planting in a pot will be demonstrated and explained in a very tangible, be part of a show and tell as a continuity program. Entertaining and educational activity and all be able to bring this home as a souvenir. 

Prawn Fishing

At D'Kranji Farm Resort, We have a vast area allocated for prawn fishing up to 700sqm which is has two huge pools which can hold 100 people at one time making it an excellent place for a group of friends, family or corporate events.

Our Ponds are filled with big and juicy prawn. We are open 24hours daily. What's more, you will be able to BBQ your life catch immediately with an extensive range of seasoning at your disposal. If your BBQ skills are a little rusty, don't worry! Our Friendly team will guide you so that you can grill your prawns perfectly

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Little Green Bee

Operating time: 10am - 6pm

Little Green Bee creates unique experiences for all ages allowing us to understand our harmless bee friends better! Did you know how bee protect their hive from bigger insects? Find out during your visit otherwise it's always a mystery.

Carnivorous Plant Workshop

Operating time: Every sunday at 11am

Did you know Charles Darwin 1875 once mention,
This Plant is one of the most wonderful in the world. The fact that the plant should secrete, when properly executed a liquid containing an acid and ferment closely analogue to the digestive fluid of an animal was undoubtedly a remarkable discovery.
Join us for our Carnivorous Plant Work with our Carnivorous Specialist Mr. Belcoth Tan to understand what made Charles Darwin so excited about!!! Also learn from our Specialist some of the most popular Carnivorous plant: Venus Flytrap, Pitcher Plant and Sundew.

Duration: 60 minutes


Cycling Trail

Operating time: Every Sunday at 9am

Join us for our cycling trail every Saturday morning and explore the countryside as you have never had!

Koi Milk Bottle Feeding

Operating time: 24hrs

Take this chance to experience Singapore’s only Koi Milk Bottle Feeding when you visit D’Kranji Farm Resort. It has been said “its like feeding ten babies at one time!!

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Terrarium Workshop

Operating time: Every Sunday at 10am

Join us for this workshop to learn how to create your terrarium. Learn how to care for living plants in
A terrarium environment and design your attractive plant art piece for your home, or as a gift for family and friends. At the end of the workshop, you will bring home a mini garden of your own.
Duration:1 hours 30 minutes

Uncle Tan's Herb Garden

Operating time: 10am - 6pm

Visit Uncle Tan’s Herb Garden, did you know Uncle Tan is the few herbalists recognise by NParks. Uncle Tan has years of experiences in growing herbs and has been passing his knowledge down! Why not pop by and let’s pick Uncle Tan’s herb wisdom together!!

Uncle Tan
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Spirulina Farm

Operating time: Every Friday and Sunday 1.30pm

Did you know that the United Nations declared Spirulina the best food for the future?

We are the first and only spirulina farm in Singapore that supplies freshly harvested raw spirulina all year around Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-rich foods. According to health experts, spirulina has the power to give us maximum nutrition, health, and energy while comes in minimum calories and no trans-fatty acids.



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