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Swiftlet Garden Museum

Swiftlet Garden Museum


Open daily: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Located within the resort, the Swiftlet Garden Museum is the world’s first!

This new attraction aims to introduce the lesser known nature of swiftlets: a bird species responsible for the production of edible bird’s nest. Professionally curated, the exhibition features a variety of displays, videos and demonstrations, that combine to demystify industry “myths” and educate every visitor!

This learning journey commences with the history of bird’s nest, how it was revered by emperors in China and used as a precious commodity for trade centuries ago. It showcases swiftlet ecology, provides nuggets of information and delves into the ways of how this famous Asian premium delicacy is produced, harvested and processed.

There is also a retail outlet of bird nests products such as bird nest chocolates.

For enquiries, please call 6316-0975

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